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>> pro at the timing our children from harm shouldn't be a difficult vis sive one. >> reporter: he was joined by families of the victims from last week's shooting in newtown. among them, 8-year-old grant. his letter reads, please don't let people own machine guns. >> ' calling on congress to pass some very specific proposals right away. >> reporter: the president's plan includes universal background checks for guns, cracking down on gun trafficking, a high-capacity magazine ban and an assault weapons ban. across the country nun enthusiasts are responding buying weapons they fear will be banned. >> 90% of calls, do you have any assault rifles in stock? i do not. >> reporter: a recent poll found 50% of people support an assault weapons ban. 65% support a ban on high
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capacity magazines. many of the actions he plans to take including addressing mental health, education and training. those actions don't require the support of congress. in washington, danielle lee, nbc news. just as president obama announces his plans to curb gun violence a new ad is released from the national rifle association and the white house isn't happy. the ad makes reference to the security of president obama's daughters by asking, quote, are the president's kids more important than yours? white house press secretary jay carney calls it repugnant and cowardly saying most americans agree that a president's children should not be used as pawns in a political fight. the nra is fighting back with its own statement saying, quote, whoever thinks this ad is about preside president obama's daughters are missing the subject. this ad is about keeping our children safe.
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police in marin county collected more than 800 guns during buyback programs yesterday. people surrendered 827 guns. organizers say each person receives 1 $100 to $200 per firearm. the weapons were collected. no questions asked. police didn't investigate anyone turning in a gun. a second buy-back event will be held next monday on the martin luther king holiday in san rafael. a wife passionately pleading for help to find the killer of her husband and solve this year's first and only homicide so far in san jose. nbc bay area's bob redell is live outside police headquarters. the question is do the investigators have any real leads? >> reporter: no, they don't. good morning to you, john. a sergeant tells us in his words it's a big question mark as to who shot and killed yvonne segura from san jose, married with a young child.
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police are confident someone knows what happened. that's why this morning his wife stepped in front of the cameras to plead with the community to come forward with any information to help catch the person who killed her husband. >> it is very hard for me because i have a daughter, 5-year-old. she's asking for him and i don't have answers. i'm very sad for my daughter. >> reporter: she spoke with us for about five minutes before it became too difficult to go on. she told us how nice a man her husband was, everyone loved him. she and her family have no idea why he was shot and killed on the night of january 5th. right now neither do police they tell us. they don't believe this was gang related. they say it wasn't a robbery. that night someone did call 911 to report hearing several gunshots on tripoli avenue in central san jose. police did search for any evidence of a crime. they found nothing.
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it wasn't until the next morning, sunday, january 6 that a family member found him lying behind a parked car dead. in the words of the police, they say they need a big break in order to solve what is the first and only homicide of 2013. they reminded us that anyone can call into the crime stoppers hotline. right now there is a $1,000 reward which is standard for a case of this size. reporting live in san jose police, bob redell. san jose police are also looking for a man who tried to wrestle a little girl out of her mother's arms in her own front yard. it happened about 5:30 last night in the 200 block of dayo court in southeast san jose. police say a stranger was walking by when he made an inappropriate comment to the 2-year-old little girl. the comment didn't sit right with her mother. she picked up her daughter. that's when police say he tried
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to snatch the girl from her arms. police credit the woman for doing the right thing while neighbors are just stunned saying their neighborhood is safe. >> what do you want to say? it's scary. surprised, very surprised it happened right here. >> the unwavering -- just to hold on for dear life for somebody you care anti, you have to commend her. >> police are hoping someone knows more about the suspect. he is described as hispanic, between 20 to 30 years old. he was wearing a red baseball hat, jeans and a light colored shirt with yellow stripes. the mother said he smelled like automotive oil. anyone with information on this case is asked to call san jose police. we have a followup right now to a story we first told you about yesterday morning. a dead body found in the trunk of a car outside sonoma state university has now been identified as 31-year-old sean francis parker. he was found monday night in the back of a car which stood out
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because it was illegally parked. police won't say exactly how he died. investigators right now treating this case as a homicide. parker had been wanted for questioning stemming from a domestic violence case with a former girlfriend. a possible link between parker's death and the assault is still being investigated. opening arguments begin for a suspect charged in the deadly south bay shooting rampage. jing wu is facing first degree murder charges for killing three former co-workers at the semi conductor company in santa clara back in 2008. prosecutors allege he shot and killed the company's ceo and two managers just hours after he was fired. wu could face the death penalty if found guilty. also today the man accused of tossing bricks out into a crowd of people in an occupy protest last year will be in court. jesse nesbitt is charged with five felonies including assault with a deadly weapon and assa. t
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a judge ordering nesbitt to stand trial for those charges. he will be in court sometime this afternoon for a pretrial conference. >> this morning governor jerry brown is meeting with the uc board of regents in san francisco. brown is challenging both the uc and cal state systems. he says universities must, coat, reconfigure themselves to be more effective but do so in a way to keep costs from going up. it will include a discussion of online learning at a university. just yesterday the governor announced a new program being introduced at san jose state to make online courses more affordable. the national transportation safety board announcing they will be sending an investigator to japan to take part in an investigation of an emergency landing of a boeing 787, the new dreamliner. early reports indicate the
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flight crew received multiple messages concerning the battery and other systems. the crew themselves reported an odor coming from the cockpit and in the cabin. when the plane landed at the takamatsu international airport, the passengers and crew evacuated on the emergency slides. the investigator is expected to arrive in japan sometime early friday morning. this one right now is an international story with a local impact. now bay area passengers are scrambling just trying to make other plans this morning. nbc bay area's stephanie tran reports. >> reporter: passengers rushed off the dreamliner and down emergency slides. a reporter shot this video from inside the cabin. the airline operated by nippon airways forced to make an emergency landing. battery problems, the latest in a series of issues that included a battery fire, a wiring problem
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and fuel leaks. although no injuries have been reported. japan's transport ministry categorized it as a serious incident that could have led to an accident. ana and japan airlines voluntarily grounded their dream liners for inspection. ana operates 17 of them, japan airlines, seven. the alarming incident comes just four days after ana's inaugural flight from san jose to japan. on board the maiden voyage, norman mannetta. he addressed the issue. >> you can't just sweep it under the rug. you've got to deal with it. that's what d.o.t. and the faa are doing. >> what remains unclear is when the dream liners will be cleared for takeoff once again. san jose is banking on the estimated 70-plus million dollars the non-stop service will pump into the airport and the local economy each year.
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stephanie truong, nbc bay area news. another cold start to your day but warmer temperatures. >> a heat wave. >> relatively speaking. i'll take it. >> come this weekend you might be sending me thank you letters. you can address them, nbc bay area, we're accepting those areas. we do have a warmup. it's gradual. it will take some time. marla is right on point as usual. it is warmer out there today, we'll hit the mid 60s in some cities. a murky layer of haze over san francisco. it is a spare-the-air day. it's illegal to burn the fire wood unless it's your only source of heat. the temperatures right now, you don't even need that fire wood. sunnyvale just hit 50 degrees. 48 in san jose and 49 in livermore. hazy sunshine for today. temps in the 60s. we'll see more 60s than 50s. by tomorrow, four to six degree warmup after we get through one more cold start. then as we get through the weekend, the 70s are possible. some of your beaches, we'll talk
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about which ones coming up. >> the good news is, marla keeps her floor heater and warm bottle of water, she's fine. she'll make it through the snap. thanks christina. still ahead at 11:00, a frantic race to rescue a woman stuck in between two walls. how she got there in the first place. also we'll tell you about children's products being recalled by a major retailer. we'll let you know exactly what you need to return and where.
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this morning it was a pretty wild scene. a woman spending more than four hours wedged between two buildings in portland, oregon. that woman, anita mann was trapped in the space between the two walls until firefighters and rescue crews could finally free her. you could see them working. the incident started about 4:00 a.m. local time when the
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30-year-old woman was seen at the stop and a passerby heard her scream. after cutting a hole in the walls, firefighters used a soap-like substance to finally free the woman. >> that last couple feet she had that look of determination, and i think we were all pretty convinced no matter what she was coming out that way. >> the good news is she appeared to be in good condition. she gave her husband a hug when they finally slipped her out. but again, she appears not to have any injuries. that's good news. the lawyer for internet pioneer aaron schwartz, the young programmer who took his own life rather than spend time in prison for hacking says this morning the prosecution was far too rough on his client. scott mcgrew, we were talking about the story before the show, a sad story all the way around. >> it is. schwartz took his own life over the weekend, marla. his lawyer, elliot peters told the "huffington post" this morning prosecutors were after publicity and newspaper
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headlines. congresswoman z ovrnlthse laugh man says it's time to update the hacking laws. some believe those laws were taken advantage of for downloading academic papers without per migsz. she proposed the idea to change the law on read it, the internet forum schwartz faced. originally he faced more than 30 years in jail, though it was reduced to a plea deal offer. the prosecutors including u.s. attorney carmen ortiz have become targets of criticism, so much so her husband, ortiz's husband, an ibm executive went to twitter criticizing the schwartz family on the day of the young man's funeral saying, quote, truly in their own son's obit they blame others for their son's death. the account has since been deleted. 28,000 americans have signed a
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petition to have that prosecutor fired. it takes 25,000 to require the white house to make a response. >> scott, thank you so much. >> interesting story there. as they say, surf is up, so we think. that window could be opening up soon for the maverick's big wave contest near half moon way. certain weather conditions have to be just right to officially call the contest. organizers say sunday could be the day. they'll know more tomorrow. the mavericks website says the swell models are holding up but they also need to have that wind and mother nature cooperate. once organizers finally decide on the day they'll notify the 24 world class sur fares who will have just enough time to get to half moon bay from wherever they are on the planet. cold surfing. >> burr. meteorologist christina loren, what do you think about that? >> well, you're not going to like it. i don't think it's going to happen.
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i'm liking at all the wind models, you have to have the wind just right as well. not expecting much all the way through sunday. however, if for some reason it does go on as sunday, it looks like one of the warmest days in the extended period. just sitting there on the beach watching that world class action could be quite comfortable. we'll keep an eye on that but i don't think it's going to happen. taking a live look at -- it looks 287 t moving along just fine under hazy ska in san jose. 46 in san francisco and 51 in gilroy. santa cruz at 46. poor air quality in the north bay. that's the only place where we have unhealthy levels of ground pollution. elsewhere in the good to moderate range. likely spare-the-air again tomorrow. temperatures won't be as cold to start. an additional three degrees warmer tomorrow morning. 59 in livermore, 61 in gilroy and 60 degrees in downtown los gatos.
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high pressure taking the storm track to the north, bringing the offshore flow into the bay area and making for down right mild conditions by january conditions. we'll see the breeze build a little tomorrow. hazy sunshine in the forecast for tomorrow as well. want to give you a preview of friday. the south bay will get the warmest, 68 degrees at 2:00 p.m. on friday. so exhale everybody. we do have warmer weather just days away now. as we get into the weekend, look at this. we'll be in the upper 60s inland. some of your warmer beach cities like santa cruz, i said it yesterday, i'll say it again today because i still believe it. 73 degrees come sunday. back to you. >> i like the sound of that. makes my ears warm. coming up at 11:00, a warning to parents out there. a couple of massive recalls of popular products. we'll tell you how to return the products safely. and number 25 puts his home on the market. we'll tell you how much barry
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bonds's beverly hills pad is going for. as a mom, you spend a lot of time helping others.
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it was a pretty scary scene, two people now dead in central london this morning after a helicopter crashes down into the street during the morning rush hour. scotland yard says that helicopter hit a construction crane because of all the thick fog, then burst into flames as it hit two cars below. the flames everywhere. that crash sends people running everywhere in every direction. officials say four other people who were on the ground during the time of that crash, they were also hurt. metropolitan police say the crash does not appear to be terrorism related, but the exact cause right now remains under investigation. yosemite national park will be open free to the public. entrance fees will be waved for
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next monday in honor of the martin luther king junior holiday. it normally costs $20 to enter if you're driving. park officials say visitors will still have to pay for camping, lodging and other activities. two major recalls announced this morning aimed at popular children's products. the very first one here we'll tell you about is from target which is recalling about 560,000 of these two-piece pajama sets sold last year from august through november. the pajamas do not meet federal flammability standards and may present a burn risk for children. you can return them to any target and get a full refund. meantime, bugaboo recalling more than 50,000 strollers, specifically their chameleon and donkey models. a button on the carry handle can become disengaged and that causes that handle to detach. contact bugaboo for a free replacement handle. barry bonds is back in the headlines this morning. the home run king's beverly hills mansion is now up for sale
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with a giant price tag of $25 million. >> $25 million, matches his jersey number. the estate is located in an exclusive gated community in beverly park, seven bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a music room, a theater, gym, spa and pool. this one even has an elevator. bonds made several renovations do that home after buying the near two-acre property back in 2002. he bought it for $8.7 million about 11 years ago, now asking $25 million. >> good thing. i'm looking for a house anyway. perfect. when we come back, barry bonds was once the toast of the bay area. >> there's a new kid in town who is racking up all the accolades and the love from the ladies. but can he avoid a well-known jinx? we'll explain coming up. >> a whole lot of love. >> you like this guy. whatever you're in the mood for,
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soups, salads, appetizers, and more starting at $8.99 for lunch. sizzler. where fresh is fun. the 49ers now just one
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victory away from the super bowl. colin kaepernick. you've heard of him. >> yeah. >> nothing short of a magic week for this kid. >> check out who is sports illustrated's latest cover story. the headline reads "holy" and a smaller picture of jim harbaugh with his mouth wide open. next to the picture, "shout it from the mountaintop, jim, you were dead on about kaepernick." >> we certainly hope there is no s.i. jinx. men have the swimsuit edition, i have the colin kaepernick si edition. >> you've met him in person, right? >> i have. i've interviewed him. >> they may be watching in the locker room. >> hi. thanks for being with us.
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